Razer Ultrabook

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

If you're a gamer, you don't have it easy when buying laptops: You may want a sleek, lightweight Ultrabook when you're traveling, but you also want the big, powerful desktop replacement when you're home. What to do? Razer thinks you can have both.
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Virtual Reality Browser

Browsing the web just by clicking a mouse is so 2015. It's the new year now, and to go along with that, zSpace has come up with a new way to browse the web: via virtual reality. The browser is simply called zBrowser, and it's designed specifically for zSpace's new line of all-in-one VR computers, which have so far largely been deployed in schools for educational purposes.
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Intel Compute Stick

As a concept, Intel's Compute Stick has always been intriguing. Who wouldn't want an HDMI stick that turns any monitor into a fully functioning computer? But the original Compute Stick had problems: It was slow, it had only one USB port (how are we going to plug in a keyboard and mouse?!) and its networking capabilities were weak.
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Smart Mirrors

We've seen Panasonic's smart mirrors before a couple of years ago, when they made over Engadget Managing Editor Dana Wollman into a 1970s space princess. Now the company is at CES 2016 showing off their smart mirror tech yet again, but this time with a couple of differences.
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Tablet For Blind

You can use voice dictation and feedback to navigate a phone or tablet if you're blind, but that doesn't really answer all your needs. What if you need to read charts or other graphics? The University of Michigan has an answer.
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Google Cardboard VR

When Google first introduced its Cardboard VR viewer two years ago, it was mostly just a fun side project that many didn't take too seriously. But it's grown substantially since then to be a bonafide division within the company, with plenty of new updates and features as Google attempts to evangelize the idea that VR can be made accessible for everybody. Now, it's getting even more serious about VR than ever thanks to a new leadership team that plans to make virtual reality an even bigger focus.
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Microsoft HoloLens

As much as Microsoft has been willing to show of HoloLens, it has been surprisingly shy on some basic details. What devices work with the augmented reality headset? How long can you use it? How immersive will it really be?
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